The Story of Amazonas Hammocks

Named after one of the biggest states in the north western Brazil, Amazonas pays homage to the original Brazilian hammock – the hammock variety that has been known for its quality and vibrancy. This influence is visible in the line of hammocks and hanging chairs that grace their product line. From the lively colors that remind you of the Brazilian sun, the style, and even the names of the hammocks will take you to Brazil! How’s that for the ultimate hammock experience?

As with its name, Amazonas has established itself to be one of the front-runners in terms of producing hammocks in the world. They have a production site in the northeastern region of Brazil, popularly known as the hammock making center in the entirety of South America. With this alone, you are assured that what you are getting is not just a hammock inspired by Brazil, it is the real deal as it is made there! The frames that come with their products are from their production line in Poland and are made from wood that comes from managed woodlands, ensuring that they do not have an environmental impact in the area.

Since 1995, with its head office in Munich, Amazonas has branched out from not just Brazilian hammocks and hammock chairs but into the baby world producing hammocks and chairs, carrying systems and frames. They also have the Amazonas Ultra-Light, which caters to the adventurer's needs for extra lightweight hammocks and accessories.

But what makes Amazonas stand out?

Amazonas have an incredible product range and depth but what makes Amazonas special goes beyond that. The quality of their hammocks really helps them get ahead of their competitors and they are considered as the Rolls Royce of the hammock market, which is why you’ll see a lot of their hammocks being used in the worlds finest hotel resorts. A constant focus on innovation, safety and quality means they are hammocks built to last.

Amazonas’ success does not come as a surprise. From a great product line to an exceptional team covering production, sales, marketing, and logistics – to an equally excellent service to customers. Amazonas today is being represented in over 40 countries, making sure that wherever you are in the world an Amazonas product will be well within your reach.