The Story of La Siesta Hammocks

Founded in 1991 by Alexander and Dorothee Grisar, La Siesta’s humble beginnings were focused on sustainability and a harmonious interaction between human and nature. They partnered with manufacturers from Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and India to give clients the experience and the benefits of hammocks.

With their lively colours that speak of the rich culture they came from, the La Siesta hammocks worked its way into the US and European market. With this, the hammocks now became more than just comfortable contraptions with larger than life designs and colours. They now represent the South American way of life where hammocks have played a vital role. 

Despite its success, the La Siesta philosophy remained grounded. They are focused on maintaining the quality of each hammock they produce, complemented by hammock support and suspension systems. After Alexander and Dorothee Grisar retired, their 3 sons took over the family business; Maximilian, Leonid and Cornelius Grisar, worked together to expand the business.

Maximillian Grisar, the oldest among the three, has worked for the company since 2003. The oldest Grisar, spearheaded the company’s expansion to the Americas. With this bold move, he was able to expand La Siesta’s reach from North, Central and South America.

Leonid Grisar, the second amongst the brothers heads the Purchasing and Product Management department. He ensures the continuity of products coming in while keeping an eye for quality. He is also the main contact of La Siesta with suppliers and through the years has fostered great relations with La Siesta suppliers.

Cornelius Grisar, the youngest Grisar, heads the Sales, Marketing and Finance department of La Siesta. With a degree in Business Administration, and ample experience up his sleeve – he ensures that these three departments run seamlessly under his care.

With the three Grisar brothers and their respective roles, they have made and are continuing to do so, to create a niche for La Siesta from its humble beginnings in 1991. Today, La Siesta is one of the well-known sellers of top-quality hammocks, hammock chairs and support systems.

Through the years, La Siesta’s position has never faltered. They have maintained their products’ quality fostered by good relations with their suppliers; complied with international standards on sustainability, encouraging not just the big players on the market but the smaller ones as well to utilise organic cotton as raw product and FSC certified wood.

By focusing not just on the sales, La Siesta’s success is a well-rounded one. Anyone who purchases a La Siesta product can enjoy a slice of the South American culture, one hammock at a time.