Two weeks until Christmas...

 Dare we say it… it’s nearly Christmas! Two weeks today, is the big day itself, and for those of you that are already done, sorted, and organised, congratulations, you are a wonder! For those of you that aren’t, check out our gift ideas!  

I asked around in the office what Christmas meant to everyone, and got some very different responses. I got everything from stressful and commercial, through to magical and exciting. Family, food, church, turkey, sprouts, and undoubtedly presents, all made an appearance. The fact is, whatever Christmas means to you, it has a certain sort of unavoidable magic to it.

As a child I remember it as just being a period of great excitement. I was off school, there was an enormous amount of sweets constantly available that I was allowed to eat(!!!!), everyone I loved most in the world were all in the same place at the same time, and on top of all that, Father Christmas would come and give me a whole heap of presents!

As an adult, it can be somewhat different, the pressures of hosting everyone, and not burning the turkey, or the expectation you land on yourself to buy people the most perfect gift…

That’s where we come in!

Handily, we have pulled together some of our best gifts for every budget!

Happy gifting, and most importantly…


Love Team Simply x