Why are we grateful for our hammocks?

Tomorrow, 21st September, marks World Gratitude day, so what better reason to blog about the things we are all most grateful to our hammocks for here at HQ.

1) Nikita is grateful for the peace it brings her little boy. He has the Brasil Rainbow hammock chair, and loves to string it up from a tree outside the front of their house and chill reading a book. When he is content and at peace, so is she!

2) Scott is grateful for the ability to snooze in comfort with the sun on his face. Chilling in the garden on his Barbados hammock set, is his happy place! If his sons decided to pile in with him, its not quite so peaceful, but twice the fun!

3) Greg is most grateful for how close it brings him to nature, and the freedom it brings him to wild camp. He has several of our travel hammocks, (because he is greedy!), he recently walked from Jedbrugh to Hammock HQ in Richmond, and spent each night sleeping under the stars when his feet couldn’t take him any further.

4) David is grateful for the sturdiness of our portable hammock set. Our David likes a good time, and used the hammock a lot during the summer for garden BBQs at his house. The hammock being sturdier than anticipated came in handy when beers were involved!

5) As for me, Sophie, I love the space it creates in my head to think. The hammock chair in the office is where I do most of my marketing planning, and my chair at home is where I do some serious mindfulness. Its like the cocooning nature of a hammock chair makes the rest of the world float away.

I will apologise now to my colleagues who I didn’t include in this, but we could go on, and on, and on about the benefits of a hammock, or the reasons why each of us are grateful for them, other than the obvious that we work for a company that without the humble hammock, wouldn’t exist!