Stress management and hammocks

Between 2014 and 2015, Britain lost 9.9 million working days to work-related stress, depression or anxiety.  That's just work-related stress, this doesn't even touch on the other every day stresses we encounter.  Finances, bills, relationships, children, illness and diets are just some of the common modern day stressors.  You'll be pushed to find anyone in Britain who hasn't at some point in their life held their head in their hands and said 'I'm so stressed!'

If only we could meet a wizard who could wave a magic wand and make all our stresses disappear.  Unfortunately, the reality is life's stresses aren't going anywhere but we can learn to manage our stress and be in a better place to handle what life throws at us.
There are several techniques proven to reduce stress like a balanced diet and regular exercise but one that resonates strongly with me is taking time to relax.  Many of us think that going to bed at night for a good seven hours is relaxing, but this is sleeping and although also vital to reducing stress is not relaxation in its true form.  Relaxation is a conscious state. One of the easiest ways to relax is to stop what you are doing and lie or sit down. Just take a moment to breath. We are human beings after all and not human doings. When things get too much for me I always find 15 minutes in my hammock the perfect tonic.

So what is so powerful about relaxing?  It slows you down, physically and mentally, allowing you to re-focus your energy on the positive.  So when sitting or lying down (in your new hammock from Simply Hammocks) for a period of time try and practice deep breathing.  This in itself is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels.  The intake of oxygen releases chemicals which clear your mind and re-energises your body.  A lack of oxygen to the brain is proven to cause mental sluggishness, lack of focus and even depression and anxiety.  You can see why taking time each day to practice relaxation and deep breathing is a vital stress management tool.

We'd love to hear of ways you like to relax in the comments below.