Are Hammocks safe for babies?

Hammock Baby
When your little bundle of joy arrives into the world, you only ever want the best for them. After all, you spent nine months waiting for them to fully cook, and then they arrive, and goodness they are just gorgeous!

So it only follows that you will want them to be able to relax, and rest their busy growing brains and bodies in the very best comfort! This is where putting a baby in a hammock comes in…

Benefits of putting a baby in a hammock;

1) Sleep Better

After 9 months in the secure womb, a baby can feel anxious and alone without a comforting hug and boundaries inside its bed. Our range protects and support the curved back whilst giving your baby a feeling of security with comfort.

The gentle rocking in the hammocks and baby cradles relaxes baby since it is a reminder of the rocking movements in the womb. Furthermore, it demonstrably promotes the sense of balance and the coordination skills of the newborn.

The protective material hug of the hammock has a calming effect, and even flatulence dissipates more quickly. Your baby could not lie in a more relaxed and natural way!

Our TÜV tested baby hammocks and hammock cradles turn a crying child into a sweetly dreaming angel.

2) Healthier

Babies love to be carried – this is how it was millennia ago, and how it still is today. The irreplaceable physical proximity to the parents fulfills their basic need for security and therefore encourages self-confidence and independence.
Correct carrying helps to give your baby the optimum posture and is therefore extremely important for physical development. When carrying isn’t a viable option, a hammock can produce a very similar postural position and sensation for baby.

When a baby is born not only are they born with kyphosis, their legs are also extremely bent. That which would look like a dislocated hip on an adult is actually extremely important for the hip joint socket development of your baby.

In order to support the stabilization of the hip sockets in the best possible way, the hip joint must be bent as often as possible and not stretched from the outside. This is why lying in a supported hammock can help with babies skeletal development.
Hammocks and baby cradles ensure that your baby has a relaxed posture so the abdominal wall is relieved and baby cannot overstretch.

Koala Hammock

Thought to recreate the feeling of being inside the womb, baby hammocks are designed specifically for their comfort and relaxation. The ‘suspended’ feeling represents the feeling of floating in the womb, and the natural cocooning nature of a hammock makes the baby feel very secure, ready to nap in peace! (until they get hungry again!)

The question is though, are they safe? Can you put a baby in a hammock?

Koala Hammock

Fundamentally, as with anything, this comes down to common sense and exercising a sensible amount of caution, and absolutely following assembly instructions. BUT… and it is a big but… Yes, baby hammocks are safe, particularly when they are specifically designed for them, for example our Amazonas BabyWorld Koala Hammock, or our Amazonas BabyWorld Kangoo hanging chair.

After all, our products come with Royal approval too… Literally fit for a King! (ish!)