How hammocks can lighten your mental load

During this terrifying time affecting us all around the world, it is important that we keep ourselves happy and don’t panic. The main way to achieve a better mental state is to look at things from a positive perspective - perhaps this time gives us all an opportunity to do something for ourselves and/or our family.

Easier said than done, but perhaps it’s the perfect time to teach yourself a new skill, like playing a musical instrument or learning magic - anything to help improve our mental health.

Here at Simply hammocks, we focus on the ingenuity of what’s around us, rather than the things that aren’t. So, we’ve devised three mental health benefits that are easily accessible, that focus on our amazing hammocks.

1) Sleep like a baby
Our amazingly structured hammocks are woven together using tradition Brazilian techniques and German engineering, giving you a better night’s sleep than a lot of beds. This is due to the swaying movement of the hammock, gently rocking you to sleep. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself. A well-made hammock should mould around the shape of your body providing an extremely comfortable experience. So, spend the night gazing into the stars, supported by the soft grasp of our hammocks. We promise you’ll wake to feel energised and ready for the day ahead.  

2) Feel more productive
In the current pandemic, you may be working from home, as we’re sure many people are - attempting to balance home life and work at the same time can be hard.

Our hammocks are your own incarnation of paradise, a sense of self-harmonisation commonly missed over in our busy lives. The key to increasing your focus is relaxation. Whether that be from a good night’s sleep, or, taking an hour out for some sensual meditation. Clarity and tranquillity of mind mean harmonisation of self, and therefore, a better mindset to separate from those distractions we all surrender to.

3) Longer and Better Lives
Life, as much as we’d all like it to be, unfortunately, isn’t a straight smooth road. There are bumps and turns that even some of the greatest minds in the world couldn’t predict. Leaving us feeling overwhelmed, forgetful and worried. So what can we do about it? 

Although the omniscient evil of stress affects us all, we don’t have to let it consume us. Yes, it may not be possible to erase the emotion entirely, but constant upkeep and management can provide a stress-free life. Our hammocks give you the support we all need, keeping you afloat both mentally and physically.

As time goes on, things get tougher, life gets harder. Always remember, there is often a simple solution to the most complex problems - Simply Hammocks.