How to cope during the lockdown

These times are tough, quarantine attacking our biological innate desire for social interaction and high levels of uncertainty, as we have been advised to stay at our homes for safety, security and stability. But is this isolation manageable? We’ve done our best to figure out the how-to survive the social collapse.

Keep working
At home, there are many distractions, whether a comfy sofa or a new season on Netflix, so it can be hard to keep focused. We advise creating a microcosm of your work environment. Its scientifically proven that the brain associates environments with behaviour and therefore, tricking your brain into believing you are in a work like setting can work wonders. It successfully increases your concentration rate, entering the “professional” mindset, overall causing a higher production rate. The benefits of psychological placement are outstanding. Yet, for you to achieve the fullest of the technique your home environment must mirror the work environment, meaning don’t go trying to work in a predominantly social area of the household. And, if doing work is not possible due to the nature of your industry, we would urge you to spend that time taking stock and focusing on your future moves.

Don’t lock down your desire to communicate
The desire for social interaction is hardwired into us, so isolation has the potential to negatively impact us. Our cognitive processes adapt and alter reliant upon the reaction we receive, whether it be verbal or physical. And therefore, communication is a desire we cannot and should not stem, during this lockdown.

Studies show that whether your phone is on the desk or in your pocket, the brain remains pre-occupied with the expectation and excitement for the interaction it provides. So remember to pick up the phone and speak to those you love, you never know, they might need the call more than you.

Cut your cloth accordingly
Yes, society may be entering a manic state of panic buying and social categorization, but don’t hang on the now, focus on the future. Those that will survive this crisis and pending economic downturn, will be those that make preparations now, for their future. Take a look at your outgoings, compare your insurances and energy providers, every penny will count and give you a longer road map of financial stability.

Isolation is not a very nice word, and for some maybe represent a lonely time. We believe that this lengthy period could be used productively. As social segregation builds, we are spending a lot of time with ourselves. So, we think you should use this time as a period off self-development and evolution. Whether you’ve always wanted to get into shape, learn a new skill, fight a fear or isolate and ignore an insecurity, this time is yours. Go for it and what better way to learn about yourself, than in one of our garden hammocks

Stay safe and keep inside, covid-19 watch out, we’re fighting this side by side.