Use your hammock to exercise and stay fit

The government recently announced that gyms would remain closed and with lots of equipment now sold out, or overpriced, we tasked our team to come up with some safe exercises that you can do using your own hammock.

To help you put the sensation back into the soporific, we’ve devised a few exercises with our hammocks to make sure you get the very best you can. Not only are these proven by experts, but tried and tested by one of our very own family. Stay Safe, Stay Smiling, Stay #Simply Hammocks.  

Plank – Laying face down on your hammock, lock both arms in a right angle shape, holding your lower body up by your toes. This is a great exercise for your core and upper body.

Raised Leg Press Up’s – Place both feet onto your hammock, and lay with your back on the floor placing both hands on the ground to which are holding up your upper body, continue to raise and lower yourself.

Triceps’ Dips – Legs flat on the floor, sit your back against the hammock, keep your heels against the ground as you use your triceps to lift and lower yourself.

Ab Roller – Sit on your calves/knees, roll your hammock up, place two hands next to each other on the hammock, allow your upper half to slide forward and backwards using your core.

Reverse Crunch – Using your hammock as a resistant band. Engage your pelvic floor, bring legs to 90 degrees, place the hammock band around your knees, maintaining your legs in the same position lift.

Lunges – Face away from your hammock, rest the top of one of your feet on the hammock and put your other leg forward on the floor and lunge. This one requires a good balance.