Why hammocks can increase productivity...

Brain in Hammock

You're driving home after a long day at work and instead of remembering the ten great things that happened today you just can't seem to forget that one thing that went wrong. Whatever it was, today you're taking it home and undoubtedly feel groggy and irritable - worst still, your mind is now too clouded to figure a way out of it.

When that happens, it just basically means one thing, you need to stop and rest. Luckily for our team they can relax at work and avoid taking any stresses home, thanks to the hammocks we have installed in our office. So it begs the question, why don't more companies have hammocks installed in the workplace too?

Our office does not have acres of space like the Facebook or Google offices, but we know the importance of having the right environment for our team. Anyway, it's been proven that resting or taking a short nap can help clear a person’s mind, reduce stress and get those creative juices flowing.

Rest is so important in life, heck we spend most of our life sleeping. If you don't get enough rest you will be accused of waking up on the wrong side of the bed and one only has to drive down the motorway briefly to see notices on how important rest is when driving. But instead of resting, most adults try to fight it by taking stimulants like sugar, energy drinks and coffee. It might get you through the day but your body still needs to be rested. You can't short change the sleep bank!

By encouraging our team to take breaks every so often, even if it's just 10 minutes in a hammock, we have a happier and more productive team that are always on point.