Our hammocks are built to last

If you have read our story you'll know that we only sell the worlds best hammocks - we really do! When you're hanging a few feet above the ground the last thing you want to worry about is it breaking plus the stronger the hammock the longer it will last.

All of our hammocks go through stress testing on a purpose built machine which can load each hammock with up to 600 kg of weight. It ensures consistent quality and means our hammocks really do live up to their "built to last" promise. 

The machine isn't pretty, unlike those super dooper Ikea machine, but it does the same job. The hammock is hung using standard fixings and then weight is lowered into it until it fails. This is done repeatedly so that we can be certain of the load limit. It's load capacity is then left in the hammock for a prolonged period of time and stress is applied (rocking, swaying, swinging, movement) to allow us to reach a conclusive load capacity.

We always advise our customers to stick to the load capacity that we list on each product however we also know that our hammocks are very strong and can take a lot of weight. For example the pictured hammock, Tahiti Candy has a recommend load capacity of 120 kg but is withstanding over 600 kg. 

Like we said, they are built to last. We're also very proud of all the accreditations and certificates our hammocks have won. It is extremely expensive to put our products through such tests and it's not something we have to do, but we feel it reinforces our commitment to making the best.