Cotton or Weatherproof - the big debate!

So many customers and prospective customers ask this question…do I go for a cotton or weatherproof hammock? Is a weatherproof hammock a different feel to soft cotton? 

All of these types of enquiries are very valid as you would assume something treated to withstand rain and other bad forms of weather would maybe be made of a more coarse and less malleable fabric but we can assure you that this is FALSE.

Our weatherproof hammocks are made from a treated fabric called EllTex which stands for Extra Long Lasting Textile. EllTex is a special mix of cotton and polyester that can be left outside in the rain, storms and everything in between. It hardly fades, is extremely strong and can resist rips and tears even after repeatedly getting wet. Despite these weather resistant properties, it's still snug and soft like cotton. There is no difference in softness and comfort and you don’t have to worry about rolling it up every time you go inside.

Our cotton, non-weatherproof hammocks, are not treated to endure bad weather and we advise to roll up and take inside when you’re not using it just to prolong longevity of an item you have invested in. Of course, these fabric hammocks are soft and supple they’re just not EllTex.

So, it’s up to you what you want to invest in – as long as you take good care of your hammock, it doesn’t matter which one you purchase and use…just take our advice!