Good Hammocks VS Bad Hammocks

When it comes to shopping I love to justify a good purchase - "Do I need it? Is it worth it? Is it a good investment? Will I regret it?". It may sound like overkill but conscious shopping is really important and can help keep unnecessary purchases at bay. 

When it comes to buying a hammock you may have asked yourself similar questions perhaps including "Will it match my garden furniture?", "Do I have enough space?" and "Will the kids ever let me have a go in it?"

However you shop, we just have one piece of advice. Never go for looks alone and no, this is not bad dating advice. When buying a hammock you really need to think about quality too.

So what makes a hammock good and a hammock bad? 

Categorising something as good or bad is very subjective. Making hammocks is a very specialised skill and not as easy as you would think. If the fabric isn't right, if a rope is slightly short or a knot hasn't been tied properly, the longevity of the hammock will be compromised. It's a skill that has been passed down from generations and unfortunately for companies that want to mass produce, it's a painfully slow and expensive process.

The best hammock brands in the world still make hammocks the old fashion way and these are the only ones you will find on Simply Hammocks. Those that produce the sub £30 hammocks, usually sold on eBay or in supermarkets are mass produced and no matter how much care is given to them the quality is just not there.

Despite running a hammock company a close relative recently purchased a hanging chair from eBay. At a distance it looked okay but on closer inspection I could tell it was destined to develop faults. True to form within 4 months the seams began to loosen and before long the kids were not allowed to use it in case it broke.

I use the saying "you get what you pay for" lightly, because sometimes you can pay a 10th of the price and get the same quality product - think clothing brands where you usually are just paying for the name. But when it comes to hammocks the rule is clear, go for the best you can afford. It will pay in the long run, provide many years of comfort and relaxation and above all else be safe. It's why all our hammocks come with the prestigious TUV and GS Quality & Safety Marks.