Hammock or Hanging Chair? Which sways you?

At Simply HQ, it’s great that we can keep an eye on what is popular; it seems to be pretty balanced when it comes to hammock and hanging chair purchases each day but people definitely have a preference.

It may be down to space; if you’re wanting to furnish an area of your home such as a living room or a bedroom, the size of that area may be big enough for a hanging chair but too small for the width of a hammock to fit perfectly. Hanging chairs are a popular choice for indoors; they’re durable and sturdy enough to hang from masonry ceilings or wooden beams, they’re a funky option to a conventional sofa/chair set and are a fun accessory for a home, especially if you have children (or maybe you’re a big kid at heart) - they’re awesome to relax in.

Hammocks are a favourite when it comes to the garden. Our hammocks can be attached to any of our stands and make a real statement in your garden. Hammocks can be used indoors, and we even have a number of customers who use them to sleep in rather than a standard mattress and bed frame. Providing we are guaranteed a few days of nice weather over the Spring and Summer period, hammocks are a brilliant investment and can be simply rolled up and taken inside if the weather takes a turn; don’t worry about your stands, they have been specifically treated to withstand bad weather.

If you are wanting a hanging chair for outside, our Globo range are a fabulous option to consider and there is a cover too! You can use any of our hanging chairs outside but we advise you don’t leave them outside in all weathers as it will affect longevity.

After all, it’s your choice at the end of the day – it’s primarily down to space but if you truly want one or the other…where there’s a will there’s always a way!