Hammocks vs. Tents - What to Choose?


Camping is incredibly popular, on a worldwide scale – with no sign of slowing down any time soon! It is a low-cost getaway, enabling friends and families to explore nature and appreciate natural landscapes and their beautiful surroundings. 

At some point in your life, reminiscing back to our childhoods, we have all experienced camping of some sort – whether it was setting up a pop-up tent in your garden, a spontaneous trip to the middle of nowhere with a group of friends borrowing your Dad’s tent or going away with your Nana and Grandad to the Lakes staying at a caravan park; we all have some memory of camping and embracing the environment. Typically a tent is the universal symbol associated with camping…until now!

Hammocks are delightful creations; elevating you off the ground, cushioning and protecting you from the elements and allowing you to alleviate everyday strains that may take their toll on your body; ah, perfection! So, why wouldn’t you go camping and use a hammock?...Exactly, there’s no reason not to and a load of reasons that will make you convert!

Sleeping in a hammock has been proven to give you a better night’s sleep – cocooned inside your hammock will relieve pressure on your body and elevate your upper body for a better, deeper sleep – something a flat surface or even a mattress cannot truly suffice.

You can breathe in wonderful fresh air, surrounded by nature – a tent closes you off from such benefits and hammocks are now just as functional as a tent! If you need a compartment for belongings, a hammock can have one! Need to protect yourself from nasty creepy crawlies, don’t fear; you can buy hammocks with inbuilt nets! There is nothing a tent can do that a hammock can’t – go on, try it for yourself!

The latest tents, that are lightweight and functional start to become quite costly when you decide what you want; a hammock on the other hand are relatively cheaper in comparison, and we can’t stress enough, comfier!

At the end of the day, a tent is a tent but a hammock is so much more! They are exciting inventions and they bring out your adventurous side; who wouldn’t want to dangle from trees, enclosed by wildlife and elevated from the uneven ground below!