Our best hammocks for travelling!

Exploring the world has gained a surge of popularity over recent years; with people braving it alone and/or travelling as part of a group of friends, you need the right equipment if you are travelling properly! The most important aspect of travelling light is sleeping arrangements – if you are venturing around the globe on a budget, you need the best and comfiest hammock to sleep in, especially if hotels are not on the ‘to do’ list! Here are some of our best traveller hammocks for you to choose from; don’t worry, we have you covered for every climate and environment!

Creepy-Crawly Central

If you are travelling through areas known for their intense bug-life, we think that the Moskito Traveller Hammock would be perfect for this situation! A brilliant hammock for backpackers, the Moskito Traveller Hammock by Amazonas is a super portable hammock with a sewn in zip-up mosquito net to hide you from the nocturnal nasties buzzing around in the early hours.

The Moskito Traveller Hammock is lightweight, yet safely and comfortably supports weight of up to 150 kg. It folds up neat and compact to easily fit into a backpack. If you don't need the mosquito net, you can simply flip the hammock over to sleep on the underside. Such a clever invention – perfect for adventurers.

If you want complete protection, why not try our Moskito Traveller Pro Hammock, the material and mosquito net of the Moskito Traveller Pro Hammock are impregnated with the insect repellent of TANATEX Chemicals which keeps the little bugs away but completely safe for humans. 

Cold Climates

If the temperatures plummet as it switches from dawn to dusk, the ultra-light hammock with thermo-pocket, the Silk Traveller Thermo is made from strong, breathable, skin-friendly Ripstop Nylon material. There is a practical pocket for a ground pad on the underside of this ultra-light hammock. This means that even on colder days, you can be warm as you sleep in your outdoor hammock.

Warm but Wet Weather

The Travock Travel Hammock made of parachute silk (100% Nylon). This hammock is not only comfortable but lightweight. It packs into its own bag and weighing only 720g meaning it's not going to weigh you down on the long hikes between stops. The material is also mildew resistant which dries quickly. S-hooks and ropes are included making is easy to hang - once you've found the perfect spot and trees. If it is humid through the day but the weather turns as evening approaches, as it is mildew resistant you won’t have any problems!

We have so many traveller hammocks for you to choose from but these are just a few which will help for certain terrain and temperatures! If you need any more help or guidance, please feel free to give us a call and we can help with your traveller query!