The Aruba Hammock Range - our best seller

ARUBA – a place which gives off vibes of white sandy beaches, warm breeze running through your hair as you sit back and enjoy the view of the sea, with a coconut drink in one hand. Such wonderful thoughts and you can feel yourself relax a bit…

Until you remember, it’s the middle of the week and you are in the office with a deadline looming ahead. You squash that image quickly and store it in your “What I Will Do In Summer” list.

How many times has this happened? You dreamt, made plans and never make it for one reason or the other?  That’s the reality; we are all dictated by the deadlines and demands of our jobs that we just relax in our imaginations.

We at Simply Hammocks definitely cannot bring sandy beaches or the view of the sea to you (we are just humans after all!) But what we CAN do is bring the relaxation to you, when you need it and right where you want it. How? It’s in our name, Simply Hammocks.

Aruba is a place well known for its cool breezes and architecture painted in tropical pastels. You can bask in both and with any of our Aruba hammocks selections. Our line-up includes Aruba Cayenne, Juniper and Vanilla, to name a few.   All of these hammocks are made of rich and  vibrant colors, enough to bring you to the island within the comforts of your home.

Aruba Fact! Did you know that the island was declared as a “useless island” because of the absence of ANY natural resources? But the whole island is surprisingly teeming with tourists who can’t get enough of the ambiance and amicable weather in Aruba. With these two alone, sign me up for an Aruba trip anytime!