Our top tips for 'mocking perfection!

Hammocking is a big deal nowadays, their popularity is ever-growing and we certainly see why! Here at Simply, it’s no secret that we love anything to do with hammocks and hanging chairs and we love sourcing the best for you lovely lot to ponder!

There are a number of key points to consider when ‘mocking; whether it’s indoor or outdoors the art of swinging needs to be taken seriously…very seriously. Remember, it’s vital to have a constant drinks supply at close hand for when you need to quench your thirst after exerting so much energy reclining in your hammock or hanging chair; whether this be a mini fridge situated in close proximity, using a bell to ring relatives indoors to fetch you a beverage or even hiring a bar expert – nothing is over the top! One of our Mesero Hammock Tables will do the trick when you want somewhere to place your drinks supply!

The next important aspect to consider is comfort. Yes, our hammocks and hanging chairs feel like relaxing on a fluffy cloud of excellence already, but come on…we all love a cushion or eight! Make a fortress, pile your cushions high and hide from the world; you will feel as snug as can be and extra insulation will help when we contend with UK climates!

If you are planning on staying a while, another factor to plan is food supplies! Why not invest in one of our >Utility Pockets which can attach to your hammock and can be stuffed with the nicest and most tempting treats and goodies for 'mocking!

Probably the most significant thing to consider is your quality ‘me-time’. Unless you’re a social butterfly who loves to spend time with your friends and family at any time, this point maybe isn’t for you…this is for those of you who just need to escape into your own little space, maybe do a little snooze or just gaze up at the sky and get lost in your own thoughts.