Try a hammock for a better nights sleep

I know most of us are familiar with the term “slept like a baby” but when was the last time that you actually slept like a baby? 

Can’t say that I blame you but sleep is something most of us give up every day. Demands of work, taking care of our family, and other commitments that take most of our time each day and sadly it is the most important thing – sleep, which we usually sacrifice to cover for all these things.

There are articles saying how many hours we should sleep to be able to function during the day. Age, culture and even lifestyle is considered as a factor, however, you can have 8 hours of sleep and yet wake up feeling tired. Has that happened to you? I am sure it has.

Bottom line is, it’s not just in the number of hours that aid in a good night’s sleep. One thing to factor in is WHERE we actually sleep. You can buy the most expensive bed but you cannot buy sleep. It actually rings true when you think of it, right?

Hammocks have been around for years and even now, in this modern day and age, there are people who prefer to spend their nights in a hammock than in a standard bed. So what makes the hammock a bed of choice?

First, it’s the material. Being suspended allows for the air to flow freely within and around the hammock. Hammocks are usually made of light but sturdy material, no suffocating cloth hindering you as you lie in the hammock.

Second, the curve of the hammock supports the natural curve of the human body. Yes, it’s like someone saying that the earth is flat when in reality it’s not. I have tried sleeping on a flat bed, no mattress and when I woke up it was the most painful morning that I ever had. The human body is composed of curves and as such, should be properly supported during sleep.

Third, IT’S IN THE SWING! I am not talking about the dance; I am talking about the natural motion of a hammock – which is to swing. Research has been done and the subtle, rhythmic swing of a hammock is what actually lulls us to sleep. It sends us to the deeper levels of sleep much faster and that deep level of sleep is when our body actually starts to heal itself from within. So when we give our body the time to heal, we get a good night’s sleep and we wake up feeling refreshed.

So have you tried sleeping in a hammock?

If you do not own one, Simply Hammocks just may have the hammock for you. Go through our catalogue and see which of our hammock line up calls to you. Hang it up and spend a night or two, then let us know how it has changed your quality of sleep.