Why choose a Madera Stand?


So, what is a Madera Wooden Hammock Stand and why are people so interested in buying one with their hammock purchase. Well, we shall tell you! It’s a practical wooden hammock stand, which is the perfect solution for gardens with only one tree or wall. 

The Madera acts as the second hanging point for your hammock, when the other end is hung from a tree or wall. It's a strong, solid stand which is constructed from Ashwood. It works by being anchored into the ground using a ground peg – just like a tent. 

This stand is ideal for camping, or simply relaxing in your garden. Most gardens don’t have an influx of trees bordering their garden and therefore can be an issue if people are daydreaming about owning their very own hammock, but fear not - this solves all of your problems! 

All hammock fixings and accessories are included with this stand so all you need is to choose your perfect hammock! This is the perfect option for someone who may not have the room for a large wooden or metal stand situated in the garden; you can use it and move it with ease!