What’s a good hammock gift idea?

Gifts for All

One of the biggest worries in life can be what to buy someone as a gift. Do you get them clothing? No, because what if they don’t like it? Jewelry? No, that’s way too personal. How about a bottle of fancy alcohol? What if they aren’t big drinkers? Sometimes the easiest thing to do is settle with a card and money, but the easiest option isn’t always the best. Why not a practical gift that can be fun for all the family with an affordable price tag? You guessed it, a hammock! With such unique products, we have fantastic gift ideas for him, her or even a dog.

Hammock Gift Ideas for Him

Something chic?
Our American Dream Hammock Set is durable, it can be left outside and is supplied with its matching bag for storage and portability. The Apollo Hammock Stand has been specially treated so it can be left outside – even withstanding our typical British weather or a spilt pint. A great quality combination of stand and hammock, the ideal classy gift for a man with some class.

Is he an outdoors type of guy?
Then you need something durable, stylish, and weather resistant. If he’s the type of man who’s a budding camper, adventurer or anything else, then there’s only one range of hammock to get him. Our brilliant, Travel Hammocks unfold to give a large lying area, yet can be packed into a small, easy to carry sack. Perfect for warmer climates, the fabric is smooth and cool next to the skin, and is also breathable for extra comfort. With one of these fantastic hammocks as a gift, he’ll be living like Bear Grylls.

Hammock Gift Ideas for Her

Is Mother’s Day around the bend? Have you forgotten your Anniversary? Is it a relatives birthday? Either way, with our 1-2 working day delivery policy, as long as it’s not tomorrow, we’ve got you covered. The only question is, what do you get her? Well, something she deserves off course.

Hammock anniversary Gifts
Anniversaries are special occasion. That means it’s got to be something big and bold. Throw your idea of flowers and chocolates out the window men, that’s what you’ve done for the last 3 years. We’d recommend our Americana Hammock Set, the perfect double hammock to share with your hammock buddy or special partner as it even comes with its pillow, and because it's a spreader bar it's spacious too. This chic set is not only going to win your favour with the Mrs but also makes for a fantastic place to top up your tan.

Mother's Day Hammock Gift
We all know that this date feels as though it creeps up on every year, that’s why this year, plan ahead. When it comes to mum, she deserves something that’s unique and you know she’ll love. In light of this, we recommend our Fringes Terracotta Hammock Set. The Hammock’s fabric is Oeko-Tex® certified cotton, consisting of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. Whilst the polyester yarns ensure that the cotton doesn't stretch too much and it keeps its shape, the Polyester blend keeps the typical UK weather at bay. This means she can rest & relax, hassle free, with a gift from Simply Hammocks.