What's stopping you getting a hammock?

So, you have come across our website and have browsed our wonderful collection of hammocks. But something is stopping you from buying and we know what it is! Here are some of the reasons our customers have told us stop them from ordering a hammock.

“It’s too cold in the UK for a hammock”

Well we can’t change the weather here in the UK, but you don’t always need the sun to be shining to enjoy your hammock. Some of the best moments in my hammock involved a blanket, cup of tea and a sky filled with stars. Just allowing yourself some rest, outside in your hammock can do wonders for your soul. You don’t just have to keep your hammock outside either, hammocks are great for both indoors and outdoors use. Just saying!

“I am not sure a hammock can handle me without tearing”

If you are carrying a few extra pounds (we aren’t judging, promise) you might think twice before getting on something that moves. People tend to be concerned about whether the ropes will snap or the hammock will tear. Whilst not all hammocks are safe (our customers haven’t been so lucky with ones from eBay) we ensure all of our hammocks are built with safety in mind. We put them through vigorous testing of up nearly 100 stone and they come with GS and TUV safety marks. If you visit any hammock on our website they all have specific load capacities so you can be certain that the one you are ordering will support your needs.

My friend says hammocks are bad for the back

Only someone who has not experienced sleeping on a hammock can say this – for the truth is, hammocks have the opposite effect on your back. No stiff bed that renders your back to lie flat, no lumpy mattress that creates kinks or knots as you lie down. The structure of the hammock is quite helpful in giving your back its natural form as you rest. Try resting on it once and you’d see the difference.

Will it just get dirty?

We shed skin, we sweat, and when it is outside bugs and other insects might use it. I understand the concern but the hygiene or the cleanliness of your hammock depends on how we use and maintain it. Storing your hammock when it is not being used will help keep it clean and removing footwear when used will avoid any muddy or grass stains from appearing. But, if it does get dirty you can clean all our hammocks and some are even suitable to use in the washing machine. So, don’t sweat it!

Is it going to be something I use? I don’t want to waste money

We have a saying here at Simply Hammocks “if you own a hammock you will always own a hammock”. Repeat custom is a massive part of our business and we are constantly hearing from old customers looking for a new hammock. I never quite understood this concept until I had my own hammock. So, unless you have one, you don’t know what you are missing out on.

So, what’s your excuse for not buying a hammock today?