Which hammocks are best for the beach?

Different hammocks are best suited to different environments and look better in different places. If you are looking for something portable, that will fit in your backpack, then our range of travel hammocks are great. But, they lack the comfort of our tradition cotton hammocks because they are made from lightweight parachute silk.

So, if you are heading down the beach for a longer stint and have the luggage space, here are some of our most luxurious and comfortable hammocks to tie between two trees.

Rio Hammock
This is a non-spreader bar hammock in a nice natural colour which blends in nicely with the white sandy beaches. The non-spreader bar allows you to cocoon yourself into it and it is much easier to fall asleep underneath the shade of the tropical palm trees you are lying under. The full length of this hammock is 360 cm and can hold up to 200 kg and is made from recycled Brazilian cotton, so its extremely comfy and luxurious.

Palacio Natura Hammock
The Palacio Natura Hammock is a perfect hammock choice for spending the day in at the beach. It more suitable for activities such as reading and sunbathing thanks to its large size. This hammock also has a lovely natural finish and soft texture. We sold this hammock to Richard Branson, which he uses regularly on Necker Island.

The Ivory Rope Hammock
This hammock is the perfect for the beach as the ropes are made using the same techniques to weave fishing ropes. This hammock will help you keep cool on a hot day as it allows air to flow through it stopping your back from overheating. Also, sand is less likely to collect inside the hammock because of the netting design allowing it to simply fall away and if you are partial to a swim, it is sure to dry a lot quicker too once you get back in.