Which material is best for a hammock?

With winter just around the corner, we know that ensuring the quality and safety of your items is essential. There are a variety of ways in which you can protect your items against the elements that winter may bring. Our products are manufactured to ensure that they stay as perfectly pristine for year, however, there are some that may need that little bit of help.

All off our hammocks are manufactured from premium quality fibres, so they are amazing down to the core. If your hammock is made from Elltek or HamaTec fibres, then you’re in luck, these are at the top of the hammock material hierarchy. This material is scientifically created to have extremely high levels of weather resistance, therefore, will protect you from: light showers, mildew and UV bleaching. This means that you are able to leave your hammock out that bit longer, though we do suggest that you whip it down every now and again to ensure that no ice has formed upon it.

In regard to hammocks that aren’t made out of these fibres, e.g. cotton or blend, we recommend bringing them in and storing them in a warm, dry place. Our cotton hammocks, though extremely soft to touch and comfy, do not possess the weather resistant features like the EllTex or HamaTec hammocks, and thus, you must give it that little helping hand. Leaving your cotton hammock exposed to the elements leads to Mildew growth and decay, at a significantly faster rate than you would think. If you have a hammock that isn’t made from our weather resistant fibres, we can be the helping hand you need!

Our Nikwax is developed by professionals for professionals. Applying this to your hammock gives it a protective layer between the hammock itself and any weather, saving you the worry and the hassle. Nikwax does however only last for a duration of time, and therefore, must be reapplied after a certain time period. 

With Nikwax Cotton Proof you can waterproof any of our hammocks (cotton, silk, canvas, polycotton or Elltex) with this wash-in waterproofing. You can use it in a washing machine or hand wash, which is useful as many of our hammocks are hand wash only.

Or, if you’re looking for something to maintain that gorgeous visual style, then this is a must!

If you own a hammock, you’ll know how precious they become due to their natural way of making you feel wonderful.  So, it’s important that you care for your hammock in the right way to keep it in tip top condition. 

Order our expertly designed Hammock Care Kit and you’ll have everything you need to keep your hammock clean, fresh, protected and repaired in case an accident happens.